Conditions for placing orders and sales

1. For a special fee we send parcels delivered on Saturday
2. We do not send pickup parcels.
3. We send parcels to inPost parcel lockers.
4. You can order parcel transfers or paid in bitcoins
5. Orders in the store are accepted 24 hours a day throughout the year. Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be processed the next business day.
6. Parcels Paid to 11 am are sent the same day
7. Ordered products are delivered to different companies (please provide correct shipping information)
8. The standard cost of delivering products to Poland is: – 12 PLN (eight zlotys) – a transfer package paid by bank transfer (delivery time about 2-4 business days) – 15 PLN (twelve zlotys fifty groszy) – parcel inpost parcel prepaid by bank transfer (delivery time 2 – 4 working days) – 50 (fifty zlotys) – delivery on Saturday
9. You can only submit one transfer order per day!
11. All returns sent to the store are not accepted,
12. In the above points the standard parcel delivery time is given.
13. We are not responsible for the wrong address given in the shipping form (if the package does not come from the fault of the ordering party by incorrectly filling in the address, the package simply disappears!). In addition, we only write the address for shipping in the form, not in comments or emails, such entries will not be accepted by the store’s crew.
14. We ship packages outside of the Republic of Poland.
15. We give freebies to orders whose value exceeds PLN 80
16. A prerequisite for sending a transfer package paid by bank transfer is sending a scandal or photo of confirmation of the transfer made on meil …
17. Correct addressing of the poste restante parcel: – in the delivery address: – in the field: name: word poste restante- in the field surname: your name and surname – in the field street and city: mail address where you want to pick up the package.
18. An order that has the status of “waiting for bitcoins” is valid for 5 days, then the status changes to “rejected-expired”
19. The minimum order value for a parcel sent in inpost is PLN 100.